Thursday, May 10, 2012

Food & Daiso! ♥

(〃 ´  ▽  `  )ノ"▽ ちわぁ♪ Hi hi everyone!! Haven't been doing too much lately, so this is a random post!

Firstly, I realized I haven't really been posting food.. so here it is! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Mixed meat with beans, green cauliflower (??? WHAT?!!), and mom's healthy mixed rice.
 My mom has been insistent in putting a variety of beans in the rice. She says it helps stimulate the blood flow so my dark eyebags/circles will go away. Thanks mother. ( ̄へ ̄)

Chicken Salad Sandwich
 I forgot to bring my lunch, and so I ordered from the cafeteria! There was a salad and sandwich bar, so I opted to make the ultimate sandwich!! PAHAHAHAHAH~! Wheat bread with chicken salad, mayonnaise, tomatoes, mushrooms, and white onion inside. Complete sandwich is then lightly toasted and cut in half. So good! ヽ(  ´  ∇  `  )ノ ワーイ

 Got these at Daiso! FINALLY THERE IS ONE OPEN NEAR ME! Got some snacks for the munchies!

Fruit Tart
Shared some dessert with friends at Urth Caffe. Very cute place, but was so packed!!

El Pedro dish with steak substitute ;x
CUBAN FOOD! This was so delicious... it tasted like a super healthy taco! Brought to you by Mambo's Cafe.

Vita Chrysanthemum Tea
Random fact, one of my favorite teas is chrysanthemum! I prefer getting the actual dried flowers for tea, but this is easy to grab on the go!  ( ^‐^)_且~~

 Wait...these are not food...


SHOPPING!!! \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ

For a while, I have been the most jealous for those who have cute Japanese shops near. Though it is not far for me to just drop by Little Tokyo, sometimes I would wish things were less.. pricey? Quality comes first, but for some things, I don't need to have super crazy quality! ..Although that is always nice -(♥u♥)-

..and then I heard that a Daiso opened. Cup your ears, I'm going to scream..






For those of you who have not been to a Daiso before, it is basically like Dollar Tree or 99cent Store, but instead it's more like $1.50 store... and products are Japanese. I love this place because they carry a variety of EVERYTHING!!

Okay, without further spamming of screams and emotes, here are some pictures of the new Daiso store.

Koto, Aaron, Rayna
Thank you Bear (Aaron's nickname ;x) for driving us! After purchases, I realized I did not take any photos, so my lovely friends waited for me outside as I ran in to take some snips! 仲良し(*・∀・)/♡\(・∀・*)だよ

THIS STORE IS HUGE. I swear it was like going into a Walmart.. but BETTER!! ) BUY ALL THE THINGS!

The line for checkout was hugging against their wall. CRAZY.
Part of my haul, close-up!
My haul!
 So collectively, us four purchased about $130 USD worth of Daiso products. You know what $130 worth of product looks like? ∑(O_O;)Shock!

I stood on top of the couch to get this picture.
6 ft x 6 ft of product
 I purchased only $22 worth of product... and I bought 14 items! PRETTY SWEET DEAL! ♥

 Prior to our adventure, we had hawaiian barbeque at a local mom&pop restaurant.

My order, Volcano Bowl! Oishii~

Of course, I also conveniently received my package from another online order the same week! Addicted? Nah... :x

 For those of you who have "Asian" eyes, I highly recommend Shiseido or Shu Uemura (which is discontinued in U.S.) eyelash curler. Shiseido is perfect for those with "shorter" eyes (I think this applies for most Asians), and Shu Uemura is perfect for those who have longer (I think this is mostly for Koreans). I originally used Shu Uemura, but my end lashes never seem to get curled right.. and I can't replace the rubber part since it is now discontinued at states! AHHH!! X___X

So far I am loving my Shiseido curler. I highly recommend purchasing this online if you are..
1. Willing to wait 2-4 weeks (I got mine in 2 weeks! Maybe I got lucky this time?!)
2. Want to save money
I purchased this for about $13 on eBay, but if you cannot wait, you can purchase this at Sephora for $19.

 Another small purchase! I bought Sinful Colors nail polish! Was in the dilemma of getting "Big Daddy" or the pastel one, and I ended up getting Big Daddy! Sounds so weird.. but the color might be the "it" tangerine orange for me; I've been hunting for the perfect orange/tangerine color. Have not tried it yet, but I really think this is it!! ( ̄~ ̄;)ウーン・・・

Ending my random entry abruptly with my face on the way to Daiso! (ヾ(´・ω・`)いってらっちゃ

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