Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Possibly MOVING?! ギョッ!Σ(・oノ)ノ

Hello everyone! \(^▽^*)いらっしゃ~いっ

Let me give you a small update before I explain the title of this entry. Really, this is one of those big "WHAT?!" moments for me!

Went to visit my lovely friend Steph and boyfriend nicknamed "Obiwon"! Actually... I AM STILL ON THE VISIT! So I am blogging using Obiwon's computer.. muahahaha! ♪(ノ´∀`*)ノ

Getting a tad chilly (FINALLY!). It took a month longer for autumn to arrive!

BFOTD (bottom fashion of the day) - on my way to visit!

First weekend I arrived, we went to San Francisco's newly opened Uniqlo store. Most people in Asia don't seem to think much of the store, but for basics, it is fantastic!! The Heat Tech tops are GREAT for the cold weather, and are super comfortable. With the upcoming chilly weather, I am preparing!
Purchase from Uniqlo - HeatTech socks (2 pairs), flannel top,  lounge pants,  and my home-crochet wool beanie!

The beanie was crocheted by me... my first handmade beanie! I learned a lot making this, and so really, every stitch makes a difference!

Goofini wearing my 100% wool beanie
With the end of October nearing, I have been wanting to give Obiwon a loving gift that he can have with him for a while. And so I went looking for inspiration:

After seeing all these pictures, I finally started hunting for the perfect bracelet. The above image shows the before and after aging, and it looks great! From a honey tan to a bronzed brown, I wanted something that gets better with age and lasts a lifetime. And so I went hunting for weeks.. until I found the perfect one:

Heavy Duty Snap Bracelet by Teranishi
This Teranishi Snap Bracelet was exactly what I was looking for. Being that I wanted to purchase two bracelets (one for Obiwon and one for myself), I had to look for a leathermaker that provided customization.  With great luck, I was able to directly exchange emails (just look for the contact page) to get my leather cuffs further customized. Aside from what was available for customization (type of leather, length, finish), I was able to get a semi-raw finish (not listed). As opposed to rounding the edges and "sealing" it for a finished look, I had it rounded (not sealed) so that it had a semi-raw feel to it. I had everything clarified and ordered promptly; the customer service is great.

Have never been in the outdoor mall in Stanford (Palo Alto) before! It was small and quaint, definitely easy to walk through. We went in to grab a leather cleaner for my Kate Spade bag (which can be used with other leather goods like the bracelet -cough-).

4 fl. oz. Kate Spade Leather Cleaner
I highly recommend this cleaner! For most dirt stains on leather, I normally apply a bit of non-perfumed lotion on a cotton swab and dab at the stain bit by bit to take out the dirt. The oil in the lotion (which moisturizes our hands!) would remove the stain, but the natural sheen does not stay! This cleaner, though small in size, does the job and keeps my bright orange bag vibrant without taking out the gloss.

Cobble Hill Ellen in Cinnamon
I am considering the leather conditioner now to keep all my leather goods in perfect state.

At the outdoor mall, there were flowers EVERIYWHERE! Rarely do we see such an amount of florals! And so I camwhored the flowers:

As I mentioned, I came to visit Steph and Obiwon. For a week, I stayed with Steph's new place; she moved because of a job offer! I was "Cooking Mama" for a week ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ

And she made brunch!

The lovely Steph I decorated at H&M!

Housewarming gift from me to Steph!

The week after my arrival, we went pumpkin-hunting and beach touring(?)! There was traffic in every direction since the location was famous for pumpkins and pine trees, perfect for the holiday shopping!

Our pumpkins! L to R: Steph's, mine, and Obiwon's.
Toying with panoramic option on phone

Our silhouettes at the beach rock!

On the ledge of a giant rock at the beach

This had to be one of the nicest beaches I have ever been to. Normally I do not like beaches, as the ones near me were always overcrowded, dirty, and filled with tourists. Now, look at this beach! I could see the blue-green water, only a few people were there lounging, and honestly, all I could hear was the water crashing on the rocks and lingering cars speeding away from a distance. It was refreshing. I have to go back.


For those of you who watch "Walking Dead", you can only imagine how I felt when one of my friends presented me with this:

SQUEEEEEEEEE~! He met Norman Reedus and had him sign this for me. I still need to frame it.

OKAY. I know my train of thought is horrible since I kind of ran off the tracks after the first...two paragraphs of this post. Can't help it, I am excited..

..So let's talk about MOVING.

Right before I decided to visit my friend and Obiwon, I received a call about an interview for a job near Obiwon and Steph. So I packed extra clothes for the interview. Three days later, I was told I got the job. Now it is a matter of gathering all my things to move upwards! If any of you see a Mode-Gyaru up at Northern California, it might be me! Wonder if there are any gal circles there? I am too shy/embarassed to meet other gals grahhhhhhhfasdhf

Will do more updates and do some camwhores lol! I feel like the cold weather is making me too sluggish nowadays. Bleh!

Ciao bella~

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