Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tralala Items SALE!

Hello loves!

For this post, I am sad to say that I will have to part with a handful of my Liz Lisa (Tralala) items!

That's sad for me, but good for everyone else!

After trying on some items, the fit is not right on some, such an example would be sleeves that are a tad too short for me, or my torso being a bit too long! 《《o(≧◇≦)o》》WHYYYYYY

Also, some items I do not know how to wear! X_X I need to take time to figure out how to wear certain styles gah!

So here are my items on sale (shipping costs included for U.S. shipping!) for those who are interested!

 Tralala Skirt - 40USD (¥5,145 original) SOLD

Tralala Knit Cardigan - 40USD (¥5,145 original) SOLD

Front rests at waist, back reaches lower-back/bum. Very flattering!

Tralala Be-Gemmed Tank - 15USD (¥1,995 original)

Simple tank for layering or casual wear. Studded gem-like bits on neckline.

 Tralala Babydoll Blouse - $40USD (¥5,145 original) SOLD

Is elastic at waistline!

Tralala Knit Slouch Cardigan - 45USD (¥6,195 original) SOLD

 Slightly oversized so it's great for that comfy look and layering.

Faux Fur Collar Coat - 100USD (¥13,440 original)

Removable faux collar so it can be a casual peacoat if wanted! Super soft coat, and collar is really nice! 

Please message me on Facebook ( if interested! Accepting PayPal only, and will provide tracking!

I definitely feel like I need to change my closet. Everything I have is towards the darker shades. Trying to implement more colors and give myself a feminine edge. I love getting inspiration from bloggers all over the world..


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