Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara Review

No matter what style us ladies try out, one thing will always remain staple in every girl's makeup bag:


It could be for a quick curl and swipe for a quick wake-up look, or dramatized with layers for a night event. No matter what, it seems that every girl has a HG (holy grail, or as I sometimes call it, "homegirl" haha) mascara in her bag.

My HG mascara is Isehan's Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume and Curl.

I apologize for the poor quality photo!
m(。・ε・。)m スイマソ-ン ~

This was the second mascara I have ever purchased (first one being Maybelline's Colossal, which is amazing if you have naturally curled lashes), and I used this up until it was dry. I checked online so that I could get another tube, only to find that they have changed the whole thing!

It looks so much girlier now.

I loved the packaging in the previous design; it looked regal, feminine, and a tad more mature. This new look was a bit too girly for me. However, I am bias as I do not like this flaming pink color. On the up side, it will definitely stand out in my makeup bag.

Along with the new packaging, there is a new formula to this mascara as well. It supposedly extends your lashes to 130%.

I tried to find the old formula online, but everything listed is for the new formula. So I started to wonder how well this formula held up to the old. Upon opening the new mascara bottle, I noticed a difference in the brush.

The new brush had a more conical shape. According to the instructions, the A part is for the inner corners of the lashes and B for the outer. Because it is harder to reach the edges of the eyes with a fatter brush end, this makes coverage a lot easier. D was most useful for the lower lashes and corners, however, it did cause some problems as I would sometimes accidentally get some product on my skin. I did like the old brush, but it was hard to get the inner corners without angling the brush awkwardly.

Now for the actual application. I curled my lashes and applied shadows from my Naked Basics palette prior to mascara application. Side note, I highly suggest investing in Naked Basics as it is super portable, pigmented, and makes natural day-to-day makeup easy. Now, on to the mascara!

Bare lashes curled and with eyeshadows

After mascara application (upper lid only)

The product itself was not too watery or too thick. Compared to the old formula, it is definitely more on the watery side. There were plenty of fibers to build on, and the formula dries quickly. Because it dries quickly, I have to layer the mascara on after each coat or I will get spider legs, which is a bit evident in the above picture (around the tips of my lashes). The pointed end of the new mascara brush also carried too much product, which clumped my inner lashes, making it difficult to build on without creating spider legs.

I re-tried application with my other eye, and got a better hang of it.

Sorry for my dark circles! Also, i look cross-eyed because the camera was super close..

My lashes definitely got natural volume (which I love) and a buildable length! I could have built up the fibers and made it longer, but as you can see, they already surpassed my eyelid folds with 3 swipes! This literally did not take long to build on! I am so very happy with this product, and so my score for this is..

ヽ(゚・^*)^.。.:*・゚   7.25/10  ☆゚*:.。.^(*^・゚)ノ

Why not full points?
  1. -0.25 pt: Inner lashes. I actually saved my old mascara tube in fear that the new brush would be bad, but it was a lot better! However, if it were not for the inner lashes getting too much product, the score would be higher.
  2. -1.0 pt: Waterproof? After applying the mascara, I wore it around for a few hours to see if they would droop over time. Just like the old formula, it held my curled lashes, so I was quite happy. However, when it came time to remove it, I decided to test how waterproof it is by dabbing some water in my fingers, and lightly brushing my lashes. To my horror, some bits of fiber came off! I continued to lightly dab and eventually, my lashes were bare, and my curls completely gone! From just water! I have always used waterproof mascara during the hotter weather in case sweat/humidity gets the better of my lashes, and so this really bummed me out. Luckily, the weather has not been too disagreeable, so I will be able to use this until I find a better waterproof mascara.
  3. -1.0 pt: Holding curls. I really thought this would hold my lashes up since I have stick-straight lashes. After I wore it around some more, I noticed that my lashes would slowly revert back to its original position. I would need to keep a curler near me to hold the lashes the way I want.
  4. -0.5 pt: Volume. This is VOLUME and CURL mascara. For some reason, it's not really doing either! The fibers are great for building length, but I was looking for volume, which was not that evident in this mascara! This is still great for every-day use, but it wasn't giving my lashes the oomf I was looking for like in the old formula.

Regardless, I do recommend this mascara if you have naturally curled lashes and want a natural look. The inner lashes can be handled easily by scraping some extra product off on the edge of the tube, and a waterproof mascara is just my own personal preference. The one thing I like about it not being waterproof though, is that I do not have to battle with my makeup remover; the previous formula was really waterproof, and I would have to take time to get it out thoroughly. For daily use, this mascara will do its job.

Hope this review covered everything!

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