Tuesday, October 1, 2013

You're Solvang...

.. you probably think this song is about you, don't you don't you?!!!!

It is the worse pun ever. But for those of you who are super confused, a few friends and I decided to do a small day trip to Solvang, a "Danish" village! Google the place, and you will find the something like the following images:

And the place looks exactly like that. For a brief while, it did feel like I was in another country. Super trippy!

The main reason my friends and I went on this drive there was because they thought the location would be perfect for a cosplay shoot. This time it is for the game Atelier.

Yes, my friends are crazy.

I went along to help with random little things, mostly assist with reflecting light for the photographer. I did not take as many photos as I would have liked, but hopefully enough to give a glimpse of the setting.

The weather was wonderful that day. It was supposedly 86degrees, but it felt more like high 70's.

One of the three tables we had
Our first stop was a pancake house. Food served were similar to that you would find at a cafe or diner. The menu had quite a list to choose from! For myself, I had the Benedict; you can never go wrong with it.

After fueling ourselves, the cosplayers got ready and changed into their outfits, and we proceeded to shoot! A few amateur snaps I did..

"Dat ass." Haha :x

Rayna, Koto, Deb, MangaFreak150

Not the best since this was taken on my S2 (I know, I'm living with such old technology), but I'm surprised I was able to capture the light like that! ワーイッ \( ̄ー\)(/ー ̄)/ワーイッ

We shot until the sun gave little light, and enjoyed the rest of the lit sky at a small playground nearby. Upon arriving, we noticed that the playground was right across from a pumpkin patch!

Lots of pumpkins!

When it got too dark, we left and had a late dinner at a Taiwanese cafe called MJ Cafe.

I think we connected three tables.

Peach pineapple juice

MJ Beef Stew Noodle Soup
The portion looked decent, but I swear towards the end, I was forcing myself to finish my food. The night finished here and I went home exhausted and K.O.'d.

During the car ride to Solvang and back home, we all chatted about cosplay and future cons we would be attending. Part of the conversation inspired me to try on my Sakizou cosplay that I have been putting off, and so the following day, I tried on what I had:


Apologies for the horrific mirror!

I always feel weird dressing "sexy", so I added animals to make it look cute lol! I am glad I did try this on as I realized the side ruffles I did were way too high! I definitely have to move them lower on the bustier now! So much to do!

Halloween is coming up! What costume should I make?!

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