Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Asian Waffle Sandwiches

Another semi-nude face!

So I am about to have dinner and can only think about food right now, which had me think back to the last lunch I had with my friends.

Yes. Asian waffle sandwiches.

I only say that it's Asian because it is located in Alhambra along one of the main streets which caters food to those who want something...Asian. In all honesty, this is more like a mild version of chicken and waffles.

After a brief visit to Fashion District with Koto (she had to do some last-minute fabric shopping for cosplay), we decided to go to a new diner/cafe/restaurant for some food. This cafe is called The Grids.

I should have taken more photos, but I was too busy drooling over my food.

Coincidentally, as we entered, we saw two of our friends getting their lunch as well.

It is a relatively small restaurant, but the high ceiling made it feel less confining. The walls are all glass and there is also outdoor seating. The whole feel of the restaurant was modern/contemporary, very simple.

Our food came, and we wolfed it down.

Fish waffle sandwich

There was a promotion going on when we got there: buy any two waffles with two drinks, get a dessert waffle free. Since Koto and I decided to share anyways, we ordered together!

Koto had the chicken and waffle sandwich, and I ordered the fish waffle sandwich. The chicken waffle sandwich was wonderful! It was not as heavy as you would expect, but definitely had all the flavor you want!

Unlike breads, the waffle was sturdy, and was able to hold everything in. It had a slight sweetness to it, which complimented the chicken in the sandwich well! Honey butter was provided on the side, and it went wonderfully with the sandwich. Highly recommend this one if you want a sandwich with a bit more sweetness to it!

My fish waffle sandwich was glorious. It was like eating a fish taco, but with waffles instead! I had to ask for lemon on the side to give it the taste I want, but I would have loved it regardless. The batter did not leave an oily feeling on my lips, so that's a big plus. I recommend this sandwich for those who love to eat fried fish or fish tacos!

Berry waffle dessert
Then came dessert! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノわぁい♪

This berry waffle was made differently than the waffle used in our sandwiches. Thicker, and with a nice crisp, the Belgian waffle was a light delight to have after the meal. Strawberries, raspberries, whipped cream, nutella, and caramel all on top of a thick Belgian waffle was blissful. It was quite a meal!

Along with our meal, Koto got tea and I got a strawberry lemonade. Our total came to about $22USD, which means $11USD per person! Such a nice deal! I highly recommend a lunch visit here with a friend or two!

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