Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I apologize for my eyebags and minimal makeup. I have been wanting a cleaner face, so I have only been sporting makeup on the eyelids and lip. My skin needs to breathe a little you know!

Before I go on about my post title, a mini haul needs to be shown! I have been ordering items online, so keep an eye out for reviews and haul posts!

from L'Occitane en Provence
 I am SO addicted to body lotions. When I was up in NorCal, I went to my first L'Occitane en Provence shop and loved everything. During a small sale they had online, I grabbed a bar of The Vert Green Tea Soap as the scent in store was lovely! Nothing flowery or feminine, but fresh and crisp. Along with it, I also bought the limited edition travel-size honey shea butter lotion and Bonne Mere body milk. I love having travel-sized lotions in my bag when I am out as I easily dry out from hand soaps and hard water. In general, I dry up easily (even my hair!). Do look into purchasing online or in-store if you can! Staff is usually really friendly, and there are lotions to fit every type of girl.

from Daiso
I am sure by now, no one is foreign to Daiso! The much raved-about mask peel was an instant grab, and there seemed to be matching (design) blotting sheets, so I grabbed it as well.

Tried it and I love it! The size is more square, so each sheet was bigger than the usual travel-size packs.

Something a lot of reviewers online seemed to have overlooked were the directions. I have seen several reviews in which people used this as a face peel, but in fact it states to apply to the nose! I am sure it makes little difference, but I would not want to pull a strong adhering mask from my face.. mostly because it may cause loose/saggy skin in the future! That is perhaps my own personal paranoia though.

Now for some FOOD I have been having!

 I do not even recall what I did to make this as I was so hungry I wolfed it down! Sorry, no recipe!

from Piece of Cake (PoC)
 Met up with Deb since she had the day off and decided to go to Piece of Cake! A small and quaint little coffee/tea house that my friends frequent. I have not been there in quite a while!

Coffee with panna cotta (Deb's) and Matcha Latte with panna cotta (mine)
 I love going to PoC since the owners are so friendly. The owners serve and make everything, so customer service is always top notch! Very friendly, and a great place to relax, catch up, and even study.

And of course, finishing up with RAMEN! My mom was craving some so we had to go to Shinsengumi again.. (haha)
Hakata Ramen with chasiu, corn, and egg
Beef bowl
Curry with rice
Chicken rice ball


Obiwon and I
I went to the Califonia Science Center with Obiwon this past weekend, and had quite a wonderful time! I have not been there since I was in elementary school!

It totally makes sense that it is located right next to USC. This science museum displays a bit of everything related to science. Though it is geared more towards the younger generation in hopes to inspire some children to pursue a career in science, it was quite enjoyable as an adult as well! About half of the area was to stimulate a child's mind, and the other have was for viewing pleasure.

My top 3 favorite areas while there are..

Ever since I got Talon, I have grown a soft spot for reptiles. Though many argue that relationships cannot be formed with these cold-blooded animals as one would normally with a dog or cat, I still believe it could happen! Lizards are fascinating to me!

Gilled salamander looks like he's smiling!

One of my favorite things to see would have to be life underwater. I am personally afraid of water heights and I cannot swim, but life in the water is fascinating!

This is how big it is. I felt like we were taking photos of the Millennium Falcon.

And the actual shuttle was so big, I had to use the panoramic option on my phone to catch it!

For those of you who are not too familiar with the shuttle, here are some brief facts:

  • First service mission to the Hubble Space Telescope 
  • Assembled the Unity Module the first U.S. component of the International Space Station 
  • Carried the first African-American female astronaut into space (Mae Jemison), the first Japanese astronaut in the shuttle program (Mamoru Mohri) the first married couple to fly on the same space mission (Mark Lee and Jan Davis) 
  • On Endeavour's first spaceflight, four spacewalks were completed in a single shuttle mission, which had never been done before.
It is amazing what science has done for us! Do visit the Science Center when you can! Entry is free, and seeing Endeavor is only $2. There is also a beautiful rose garden outside, right next to the Natural History Museum! 

Then weekend ended with a light meal from Urth Cafe..


Good night!

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