Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mini Photo Update!

Hello girlies! Hope you have all been well!! ( ゚▽゚)/

It's amazing how warm and sunny it is, and as the nation is going through a snowstorm, us Californians are enjoying the extended Spring/Summer.

This image explains everything. LOL!!


So I realize I have been quite MIA lately, and trust me, there is good reason! (even so, I should have a bunch of posts on queue :l ) This reason is..




..I'll be moving..


It is quite funny how life is working out for me for the new year. I was previously up north, but had to move back down to SoCal. Months later, I have been presented an opportunity to move back to NorCal. How funny things work out! Though I am an LA girl (forever in my heart, LA is the best haha), I love being in new environments as it gives me the opportunity to explore unfamiliar terrain.

That being said, I have not been able to review some items I have purchased or take photos of my OOTDs.. So for now, here is a (small) photo update~

My cooking!

@ The Bureau. Emeryville, CA

@ La Note. Berkeley, CA.

@ Cassava. Richmond, CA.

@ The Plow. San Francisco, CA.

Muji wool sweater and (citrus) candle, Lush bath bomb

I'll end this post with my face, only because I have been quite lazy and this was one of the days I actually put in [a little more] effort on my makeup! X__X and even so, the pink-based shadows do not show up lol!

How has everyone been?!

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